Kepada pengunjung blog ni, terima kasih kerana memberi sokongan.. walaupun saya baru berjinak-jinak dengan blog, moga saya dapat membawa manfaat kepada kita semua dan berkongsi pengalaman sebagai seorang muslim, anak, kakak mungkin, dan juga sebagai pelajar... mungkin ini adalah peluang untuk saya membantu adik-adik di luar sana yang masih mencari-cari apakah impian masa hadapan mereka. saya bukanlah sehebat pakar motivasi, tapi berminat untuk berkongsi pengalaman bersama orang luar... sekian, salam perkenalan dari saya... ^_^

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Wah, dah lama tak hantar post. Now I want to try writing in English. Hope all of the readers can accept my change. I would try to improve my English. I knew that English is important in business communication. That is why I must practice more in the language so I can master it.

WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD? What type of world? New world after graduated whereas all students fight for their livelihood!

Which part we are? Furthering study, work for employer, or become an entrepreneur? YOU CHOOSE!

I want to share my own experience on deciding my career. My heart is strongly said that I want to be a successful entrepreneur. I want to be rich person, so I can help whose are unable. I want to help the country to reduce the percentage of poverty. Although Malaysia is one of developed country, poverty problems still cannot be solving. Currently the percentage of poverty in Malaysia is at 3%.

Why must be an entrepreneur? Why I do not want to further study at this time? And why I do not want to work under employer? Actually I still think what I will be in the future. To be an entrepreneur I must have capital. Modal! Mana nak cari ni?? Hmm, that’s why many people said we must work first to open a business. But I had heard a story of Abang Aziz who has a watch shop. He just starts his business with rm15++ to sell watch. With a cheap watch, he can generate more capital until he has his own shop. Then, I saw a television show, Safiyah. A girl started her leach business with capital about RM600. Hence I think the capital is small matter. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih. Tak gitu? Hehe…

So, to overcome my problem in financial, I plan to join a program under Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PUNB). The program is PROSPER that stand for Program Siswazah Perantis PUNB kot.  This program is a mentorship program where the participants will be place under a company that do the same type of business like what they will invest. PROSPER will take 6 months of practical module. In the same time, PUNB will help the young entrepreneur to set up the business, prepare the business plan for loan, and help them to register the business.

Currently I am doing my Mentorship under Otai Burger. I hope that the experiences in this organization will help me to conduct my own business in the future, in shaaAllah… Wish me luck! ^_^

* gambar tak ingat pulak mana sumber, hehe..

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